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Imperfect Buddha Podcast: Disengaged Buddhism

Matt and Stuart take on engaged Buddhism in their Imperfect Buddha Podcast. Ironically, they also explore the opposite question, what is disengaged Buddhism? How do we navigate between the a-political tendency in historical Buddhism and modern [dis]engaged Buddhism? Quite relevant; give a listen:

In this episode Stuart & I discuss Engaged Buddhism. We look at whether Buddhism gives people an excuse to disengage politically, as well as the limits that Engaged Buddhists reach when they fail to critique the causes of institutionalised suffering. We discuss Ken Knabb’s work in critiquing Thich Nhat Han and put forth some suggestion for meditation practice that could help individuals and groups overcome the trend of apolitical behaviour amongst western Buddhists. Our usual banter will help you through this Xmas/New Year episode & in spite of the subject matter, Stuart & I really had fun with this episode. Enjoy and Happy New year to one and all.


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