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images.jpegUPDATE: I am now a member of the Board of Directors of Buddhist Peace Fellowship. Thanks to everyone at BPF for your vote of confidence. A new year begins.

Happy New Year everyone!. I hope 2016 brings love, good health and good fortune to you all. I started something new on this site: my Twitter feed. During the COP 21 negotiations in Paris, I posted dozens of news stories about the proceedings and protests. That was appropriate for the time, because what was happening in Paris was so critical to understanding the forces that will shape our world for decades to come. But after the conference was over, it becomes redundant to post news stories about issues that, while critically important, could be found in many other places. So I decided to try posting my Twitter newsfeed on the sidebar, which is dedicated to social justice issues, climate justice, and human rights. You can check out my tweets on the sidebar and find your way to a host of good journalism on these subjects. Meanwhile, the Engage! blog returns to publishing posts that I write myself, or that others have written, on the subject of engaged Buddhism.

But the other direction that I’m taking this blog is to post articles that are about social theory as it relates to the theory and practice of engaged Buddhism. I am a sociologist, and one of my goals is to be part of the project of weaving together social theory and Buddhist dharma. David Loy is one of the standout authors in this area of research, and my inspiration. So if you see me post something about John Holloway or Michelle Foucault, and you’re wondering, “what’s this got to do with Buddhism?”, just know that you are witnessing that project unfold. I will do my best to relate the two fields of knowledge in blog posts, but in the future I hope to publish longer articles and books that bring together these ideas.

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