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Climate Disobedience Movement

Editor’s Note: I’m posting this bulletin from Climate Disobedience because, although we forged agreements at COP 21 in Paris, it is still the direct action of people on the ground, against fossil fuel targets, that will realize and enforce those agreements.

Climate Disobedience Center
Welcome to the first Climate Disobedience email newsletter! As we reach the end of the year, we want to share the hope of stories of people committed in action, let you know about an important trial that’s coming up, and of course ask if you could make a year-end donation to help us start 2016 off strong. To make a donation click here.

Climate Trial in Everett, WA

Delta_-_Tripod_shot.jpgOn January 11, five courageous climate dissidents are going to trial in Everett, Washington for blockading a train used to carry fracked Bakken shale oil to refineries. In September 2014 Abby, Patrick, Liz, Michael and Jackie kept the train blocked for most of a day, and in just over three weeks, they will argue present a jury with the argument that stopping the burning fossil fuels immediately is a climate necessity. We are publishing their thoughts about why they took action, and what it meant for them to engage in direct action, and you can read their powerful statements on our blog. If you live in the Pacific Northwest and are able to come to the courthouse to support them, you can find trial details, RSVP and a link to their legal defense fund here. Well be there for the trial, and if you’d

#ShellNo Activists Face Repercussions

On May 22nd of this year Chiara D’Angelo and Matt Fuller climbed up the anchor chain of the Arctic Challenger, docked in Bellingham Bay, Washington. Their action kept this ship – critical to Shell’s arctic drilling expedition – at the dock for more than a full day and created a dramatic point in the #ShellNo campaign this spring. Both Chiara and Matt are facing Coast Guard charges. Chiara will be defending herself in a Coast Guard hearing on January 25th in Seattle. RSVPs are required by January 8th. Please email us for more information. Let’s make sure we have their backs.

Long Term Resistance in West Roxburyroxbury_blockade.jpg

This fall, our own Marla Marcum helped lead an escalating wave of action blocking construction on Spectra’s high-pressure fracked gas pipeline in Boston. Construction was stopped completely on two different days, and Spectra packed up and went home for the winter weeks before they were scheduled to. Read more about this new approach to high-volume, low-risk climate disobedience on our blog.

Necessity Defense Pamphlet

Harvard Law student Ted Hamilton was a Climate Disobedience Center intern this summer, and he produced a guide for putting climate change on trial using the necessity defense. If you are thinking about an action or have taken action already, we hope this guide will be useful in your defense. Stay tuned for an upcoming printable PDF pamphlet version soon, as well.


The Climate Disobedience Center is small and lean organization, and we could sure use your help. The climate movement in the US is ready for escalation in 2016, and we are committed to bringing our unique skills and resources to support dissent and to partner with people taking bold action to drive the movement forward.

Our motto is, Climate dissidents, we’ve got your back! In order to bring resources and direct support to people who put themselves on the line, we need folks like you to show that you’ve got our backs with a gift in any amount.

We’d also like you to know that we are just over half way to meeting our budget for 2016. Please donate to support the work of the Climate Disobedience Center before the end of this year.

Thank you for supporting us, and for all that you do for the movement.

Tim, Marla, Jay and Ken

PS. Ken has also been experimenting with actions around Exxon’s climate cover-up. Check out his latest one here.

Climate Disobedience Center

Climate Disobedience Center · United States
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