Mindful Awakening in Capitalist America

A Webinar With Be Scofield / Monday, November 23rd @ 7pm

Mindful Awakening
In Capitalist America

 What if some of the most influential spiritual thinkers have made a fundamental mistake about the nature of awakening?

Online Webinar – Monday, November 23rd @ 7pm Eastern

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What do awakening and spiritual transformation mean in the context of global capitalism, oppression, inequality and injustice? Are mindfulness, yoga, meditation or spiritual practices relevant to struggles for social change? Join Be Scofield, writer, and founder of Decolonizing Yoga for this webinar that challenges some of the most commonly held beliefs about spirituality and transformation.

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In this presentation Be Scofield flips spiritual knowledge on its head, requiring a fundamental rethinking of the relationship between self and world.

Can’t make the live event? No worries! It will be recorded and you can watch anytime!

 About This Webinar

From Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. to Krishnamurti, Marianne Wiliamson, Eckhart Tolle and the Dalai Lama, individual spiritual transformation has been seen as a central part of work for global transformation. For many, this inner work leads to a more progressive, loving society. “Be the change you want to see in the world” said Gandhi. It’s intuitive. On many levels it makes sense. Unfortunately, it’s not true. Some of the greatest wisdom teachers have made a mistake. 

There is actually no relationship between internal & external transformation. Furthermore, this sort of spiritual thinking has led to confusing and inaccurate beliefs about social change which can hinder efforts for justice.

In this presentation Be Scofield flips spiritual knowledge on its head, requiring a fundamental rethinking of the relationship between self and world. Drawing from many years of graduate study and research in theology, anti-oppression, psychology, feminism, philosophy, social change, spirituality and anthropology she’ll take us on a tour of the spiritual landscape that defines the present and offer a critical analysis of how to move forward. 


Mindful Awakening in Capitalist America merges together a wide range of subjects including trends in mindfulness and potential dangers of spiritual thinking with efforts for social and global transformation.

  • A new vision for spirituality and social change
  • The relationship between politics and spirituality
  • 3 ways spiritual thinking can undermine social change
  • What is divine knowledge?
  • Are we evolving? Progressing?
  • Microaggressions and awakening
  • Religious & spiritual ethics: useful or unnecessary?
  • A non-hierarchical model of spiritual/psychological development
  • The prevalence of magical thinking

  • Racism & oppression in new thought

  • Critiques and analysis of contemporary mindfulness

  • Debunking popular catch phrases like “Follow your bliss”

  • Thoughts as vibrations?

  • Hope & meaning in a post-metaphysical world

  • What is the “Now?”

  • Reflections on God, divinity & spirit

About Be Scofield

Be Scofield is a transgender writer, Martin Luther King Jr. scholar, activist and the founder of Decolonizing Yoga. Her work has been read by hundreds of thousands and has appeared in Huffington Post, Tikkun Magazine and Alternet and she has a chapter in the book “21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics & Practice.” Over several years she has been at the forefront of conversations about social justice, progressive religion, atheism, transgender issues and spirituality.

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Be holds a B.A. in Psychology/Philosophy from Warren Wilson College (2006), has done graduate coursework in Postcolonial Anthropology and holds a Master of Divinity from Starr King School for the Ministry in the Unitarian Universalist tradition with emphases in women’s studies in religion, sacred dance, African-American religious studies and Buddhism.


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