Compassion – The Foundation That Binds Communities Together

November 19 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm  . Tantallon Library . Free

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Recent scientific research has indicated that training in compassion, using simple contemplative activities and practices, can deepen and broaden our ability to express, and act upon, the compassion that is inherent in all human beings. In this session we will explore the elements of compassion training that facilitate compassionate action.

Imagine what it would be like if we all made decisions and actions based on true compassion, informed by wisdom, and with daily practice.  Even just 10 minutes twice a day results in genuine progress.  Imagine the positive changes if every elected official and public service employee practiced compassion this way! Image if every corporate manager, owner, and employee included compassion every day in every decision.

Want to become a “Compassionate Organization’? We invite every group to send representatives to explore this with us.  Share the benefit.

James Torbert will be our presenter.  Jim is a Co-Director at Waves of Compassion (see also  The intention is to draw in participation from many local organizations as this is very helpful to a wide group. This will be a practical introduction to a useful skill. They are doing some exciting work towards introducing compassion as a core value and a cultivated practice in a wide variety of settings, including the public sector, the social action sector, and well, everywhere. People often think of compassion as just something one has or does not have. However, research shows that compassion has an element of a skill that one can develop through practices that can be taught. And that can transform lives and organizations. Waves of Compassionis dedicated to that training and to helping people understand the nature of compassion more deeply.

Free. Registration not needed.
Contact David Wimberly for more information, such as how to involve your groups.


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