Pathways to Resilience IV

9af231ce-b7b6-467b-99d4-a707b8fd1fa2 This fourth Pathways to Resilience conference – co-hosted by Dr. Linda Theron (Research Leader, Pathways to Resilience and Post-traumatic Growth, Optentia Research Entity, North-West University, South Africa) and Dr. Michael Ungar (Director, Resilience Research Centre, Dalhousie University, Canada) varies the tradition of the previous three successful Pathways conferences in Canada (see It relocates the conference to Cape Town, South Africa, and invites a Global South emphasis. It interrogates what is particular to how Global South communities enable resilience processes in the face of considerable community disruption. And, it re-examines the hegemony of the Global North by exploring what the Global North can learn from the Global South about championing resilience.

Keynote: Dr. Ann Masten [Regents Professor and the Irving B. Harris Professor of Child Development, Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota] will keynote, along with a roster of other leaders in the field of resilience research and practice. Together, those attending this first of its kind event will have the opportunity to move the conversation on resilience a step forward. We look forward to welcoming you to Pathways to Resilience IV. More details to follow!


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