Noah Levine on The Deathless

Finally found a streaming version of the new Deathless EP, the Gates of the Deathless are Open. The first track is Noah’s spoken word that opens up “The Cushion Revolution.”

You can stream the rest of the tracks at the In Your Blood Hard Core Fanzine.

For the curious. “the doors (gates) of the deathless are open” is from the Aryapariyesanā Sutta, words spoken to Brahmā-sahampatti by Buddha upon his awakening. Buddhists are non-theistic, but it’s strange how these gods seem to show up in the scriptures at the most opportune times. Members of The Deathless consist of both Buddhists and Hare Krishnas, showing once again that the two traditions are very close.

The doors of the deathless are open


apāvṛtās teṣam amṛtasya dvāra brahman ti satataṃ ye śrotavantaḥ
praviśanti śraddhā na viheṭhasaṃjñāṃ śṛṇvanti dharmaṃ magadheṣu sattvśṛṇvanti dharmaṃḥ


The doors of the deathless are open, Brahmā, for those who have ears.
They enter with veneration, devoid of hatred, the beings in Magadha listen


There are parallel verses in the Pāli Canon in the Aryapariyesanā Sutta (Majjhima Nikāya 26, PTS i.170), and in the Mahāvastu (Mvu 3.319).

From The Doors to the Deathless Are Open.


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