Noah Levine’s New Hard Core Project: the Deathless

Hi Everyone here’s some info on a record I’ve been involved with and I thought you might enjoy…Noah

“At a meditation retreat in Big Sur CA 2014,  two long time friends Joe Clements and Noah Levine, both true fans of hard core and dedicated to the path of mindfulness, reminisced about the good ole 90’s, when spirituality and hard core were united and how they wish they could capture that time once again.

So in the spirit of The Bad Brains, Cro-Mags, Shelter, 108 and with the intent to write powerful/meaningful songs about the inner struggles and outer hindrance’s, Joe Clements started writing music and collaborating with Noah on lyrics. Just like the path to liberation, the process was slow but finally songs and words were recorded a year later at Compound Recordings and “The Gates To THE DEATHLESS Were Open”!
“The Gates…” EP includes four songs about friendship, insight and inner struggles plus 2 spoken word tracks by Noah himself.”

More Info

More Info


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