Meta Buddhist Inquiry Starts Again Friday Sept. 4 HFXCL

Meta Buddhist Inquiry is starting again on Friday Sept. 4 at the Halifax Central Library. See event on FB at link:

X-Files Glowing BuddhaMeta Buddhist Inquiry explores Buddhism from secular, critical, outsider, X-Post-Non, modernist, post-modernist and other contemporary approaches.

Meta Buddhist Inquiry is non-denominational, not affiliated with any Buddhist or other religious sects. Buddhists from all traditions and non-Buddhists are welcome.

We meet once a month at the Halifax Central Library on Spring Garden Road, usually on Friday  mornings at 11 AM. Look for us on the 3rd or 4th floor of the Library.

This is not a book club, so we don’t all read the same material. Instead, each person reads (book, article, podcast, video, etc.) whatever they want to read and then shares what they have learned with the group. We found this way of working allows each person to follow their own individual path, but also share what they’ve learned. It exposes other members of the group to authors and ideas that they may not have heard about. We also talk about our individual practice paths and how they affect our lives.

If you would like to participate in this group, please contact Shaun Bartone at

Also, check out the Ambedkar Society of Halifax Facebook page. Hey why not?


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