Istanbul: International Muslim Declaration on Climate Change

Amazing news from Istanbul.

Today we’ve seen a huge leap forward in the fight to build a better future, free from runaway climate change.

These last two days Muslim scholars, politicians, leaders and activists gathered in Istanbul to agree the final wording of the biggest Muslim Declaration on Climate Change the world has ever seen. It’s just been released!

The declaration makes clear that at the heart of Islam is a care for creation, and a yearning for justice. Climate action is a sacred act for all faiths, and the declaration shouts this loud! We need to do all we can to make sure Muslims – all 1 billion of them – and people of all faiths hear what’s happening.

Check out this video just in from Istanbul that celebrates the launch.

This makes my heart leap with joy and excitement at what can be achieved when faith sets its mind to good action.

Please help spread the news of this incredible progress by sharing the video with your friends and family.

Yours with hope,

P.S. We’ll be in touch soon with more updates on Yeb’s Pilgrimage in India – keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and the Blog for more…


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