Imperfect Buddha Podcast: Buddhist Cults

The Imperfect Buddha podcast looks at Buddhist cults and dysfunctional Buddhist sanghas. Both Matt and Stuart have been personally involved with what they consider to be Buddhist cults, so they probe this issue very deeply, taking in perspectives from sociology, social-psychology and the professional study of cults. Matt breaks down his experience with the NKT and Stuart takes a critical look at his experience with Shambhala. Interestingly, Stuart had direct experience of the same cultish tendencies in Shambhala that I did.

For complete show notes and links to all media listed in the show, go to the Post-Traditional Buddhist;

The Buddhist Cult episode of Imperfect Buddha podcast mentions the following interview with actor Jason Baghe and his experience as a member of and leaving Scientology. I find may interesting parallels between Scientology and modern Western Buddhism. i watched the interview with Jason and it brought up many of the issues and experiences that I have had in a few Buddhist sanghas.


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