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Tommy Rosen: Dropping the Addiction Story

My definition of addiction is “any behavior you continue to do despite the fact it brings negative consequences into your life.”

If you are stuck in addiction, you have an addiction story. This is the story you tell yourself that permits you to engage in addictive self-harming behaviors.

My addiction story was powerful and well-defended. It went something like this: With drugs and alcohol, I navigate life better.  I am more relaxed, more fun to be around, more able to hook up with girls and more “connected” in general.

Marijuana, in particular, was there with me throughout my using days. It was a love affair really. I came to depend so heavily upon marijuana that I remember thinking consciously, “Man, this better work out in the long term because if I ever have to let go of smoking pot, I’m going to be in serious trouble. How will I ever manage to get through life?”

This is, of course, the way an addict thinks and it keeps us stuck in addiction despite the absurd prices we have to pay for such a belief.

To move beyond addiction, someone has to help you see through the illusion of your current addiction story and help you to create a new story of liberation. This is what we do in the process of recovery.

I am happy to share a piece of my recent Google Hangout from the Recovery 2.0 Online Coaching Program. In the video, I read and comment upon Chapter 14 from my book Recovery 2.0 (Hay House 2014). If you have not read the book yet, please get your copy today on Amazon.

The path of recovery is filled with opportunities to review our current story and always refine and create a new one as life indicates this is necessary.

May you be open-minded and willing to release your addiction story and continue to grow one day at a time upon your awesome recovery path.

With Love and Gratitude,

Tommy Rosen

PS – You can buy Tommy Rosen’s Book, Recovery 2.0 (Hay House, 2014) today for yourself or for anyone whose life has been touched by addiction directly or indirectly. It’s here on Amazon.


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