Brother Sun, Sister Moon

[“Laudato Si” is from the great Canticle of the Sun by Francesco d’Assisi, Italy
Pope Francis alluded to this poem in the title of his encyclical.]

Canticle of the Sun   —Francesco d’Assisi

Highest, all-powerful and bounteous Lord
To you belong praise
Glory and honor
And every blessing.

You are transcendent
And they belong only to you
And no man is worthy
To mention your name.

Be praised, my Lord, through all of your creatures,
Especially Signore, Brother Sun,
Who brings us the day and your gift of light.
He is beautiful, his radiance surpasses in splendor
Signifying thereby for us your transcendence.

Be praised, my Lord, for Sister Moon and the stars
In heaven you made them precious
And beautiful and clear.

Be praised my Lord, for Brother Wind
And air and cloud
And calm and all weather
By whom you give sustenance
To all your creatures.

Be praised, my Lord, for Sister Water,
For she is very useful and humble
And precious and chaste.

Be praised, my Lord, for Brother Fire,
By whom you illuminate the night,
He is joyful and beautiful
And muscular and strong.

Be praised, my Lord, for our Sister,
Mother Earth Who sustains and governs
And brings forth varied fruits
And colored flowers, and grass.

Be praised, my Lord, for those who grant pardon
Through your love
And endure weaknesses
And tribulations.

Blessed are they who remain on the path of peace
For you, O most High,
Will give them a crown.

Be praised, my Lord, for our Sister
the Death of the body
From whom no man
Alive can escape.

Woe to any man
Who dies in mortal sin.
Blessed are they who are found
Following your holy will,
The second death
Will do them no harm.

Praise and bless my Lord
Give him thanks always and serve him
With deepest humility.


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