Replacing Addiction with Compassion

Starting Friday, June 12, Tommy Rosen hosts Recovery 2.0 Move Beyond Addiction Conference,  Tommy brings new voices and practices to the work of recovery from addiction. What he says is very much what Gelek Rinpoche says below: the opposite of a life of addiction is not just “abstinence” per se, but compassion and connection to a community of people.

Recovery 2.0: #MoveBeyond Addiction Conference, which starts in today!

Tommy Rosen: What You Really Need To Make It On The Path of Recovery

When you view the conference schedule you will get a good overview of all the amazing talks and be able to plan for your favorite presentations.

Starting this Friday, June 12th, the first day’s presentations will begin at 6 am PT / 9 am ET and will be available for 24 hours until 6 am PT the following morning. Then the next day’s presentations will begin airing for the next 24 hour period and so on. This way, no matter what your time zone or schedule, you will be able to catch all presentations by tuning in to our Conference Play Page.

Tomorrow, we will send out links to access the conference starting on Friday.

The real purpose of Buddhist practice is to cut down your addictions and to correct your habitual patterns and this can be achieved as a layperson or as a monk or nun. That brings us to the question of Buddhist ethics—changing habitual patterns and getting rid of the old addictions, such as attachments, and replacing them with love, compassion, generosity, and patience.

– Gelek Rinpoche, “A Lama for All Seasons 

Read More at Tricycle

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