Critical Dharma for Thinking Minds

Where to Study Buddhism Online

I’ve been reading the Sattipathana Sutta on buddhanet.net, the Buddha’s own teaching on ‘mindfulness.’ Big fancy title for what are really a set of very short, simple instructions. This Sutta is said to be the most important of the Buddha’s teachings. I finally had enough book learnin’ that I can go to the source and appreciate it’s simplicity. These teachings all written in repetitive formulas that you can memorize and recite to yourself, like a mantra.



Lion’s Roar has an up-to-date list of places that you can study Buddhism online:


Also please check out Nalanadabodhi’s directed online study. It’s $50 per course, and it’s a complete, well-written curriculum that includes Introduction (free, no $$), Foundation (Nikaya or ‘hinayana’), and Mahayana courses. http://nalandabodhi.org/courses/

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