Jai Bhim! India Republic Day Jan. 26

Jai Bhim! JDr._Bhim_Rao_Ambedkaran. 26 is India Republic Day, the day India celebrates its birth as a modern nation, free of British rule, under a Constitution. In honour of this day, I celebrate the achievements of Dr. Bimrao Ramji Ambedkar, “Babasaheb”, Minister of Law and chief architect of the Indian Constitution. Dr. Ambedkar worked fearlessly and to the end of his days to eradicate the Hindu caste system which branded him an Untouchable, despite the fact that he earned two doctorate degrees (Ph.D Economics, Columbia U.; Ph.D. Political Science, London School of Economics), and was admitted as a Barrister at Law in both the UK and India. Dr. Ambedkar become a follower of Buddhism in the 1940s, and in 1956, formally took Refuge Vows and became a Buddhist, before an audience of 600,000 Dalits (Untouchables) who took Refuge with him. He died only two months later, but since then, MILLIONS of Dalits in India have become Buddhists, following his example. There are an estimated 8 million Buddhists today in India, 90% of whom are former Dalits. Dr. Ambedkar’s Buddhism is called “Navayana”, “the new Yana” because it calls for the SOCIAL AND COLLECTIVE LIBERATION of all people, the EQUALITY of all people and the end of caste and racism, and the FRATERNITY of all people as brothers and sisters in ethical community. Dr. Ambedkar is giant of Indian history and human history. Babasaheb, we salute you. Jai Bhim!splash


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