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Disruption Prompts Evolution

The only way to fix the fascist capitalism system is to disturb it. ‘Fixing’ the system only tweaks it. ‘Fixing’ is the Jevon’s Paradox of social systems; by fixing the system, you only make it more efficient at absorbing, exploiting and destroying everything. The only way to get a new and better system is to disturb the current system, to present it with a new problem, a new environment, so that it is forced to develop new functions, subsystems, and networks.

Systems only evolve when they are disturbed by their environments. Disturbing is  a form of awakening. After 30 years of trying everything, I finally realize that my job is not to fix society, but to awaken it. Or rather to assist in the process of it’s own awakening, because it is always in the process of awakening itself.

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