Tommy Rosen: Recovery 2.0 Move Beyond Addiction

Dear Friends,

In this picture, which was taken yesterday, you see me holding a copy of my book for the first time. It is called Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life and it took me just shy of 47 years to write it.  What this book represents to me is triumph.  In order to write it, I had to overcome hardcore drug addiction as well as attention deficit disorder.  My ADD is so extreme I refer to it as a full contact sport.

Beyond all that, I had to contend with something else that proved to be as much a hindrance to my writing as any other thing, loneliness.  It has been so challenging to be alone with myself long enough to allow the Divine Download to take place.  All credit for the book has to be given over to my teachers, family, friends and Higher Power.  It is further evidence that, because of Love, things are possible in this life that we do not necessarily believe when we set out to achieve them.

Recovery 2.0 is a movement.  It is about thriving in recovery from any addiction that has kept you from the life you know deep down you were meant to live.  It offers inspiring and practical perspectives and tools for moving further down your path.  It will help you to heal guilt and shame by teaching about the roots, story and frequency of addiction.  It will debunk myths about the 12 Steps, provide best practices for navigating them and advice about how to avoid pitfalls.  It explores yoga and meditation, those blessed mind-body practices that I consider to be a central component of sustainable recovery.  It makes the connection between what we eat and our addictive thinking and behavior.  The book talks about mission, purpose and being of service to others.  And, of course, you will also get to know parts of me that I haven’t shared before.  It has been a real excavation.

On October 21st, Hay House will release Recovery 2.0 for purchase.  It can be pre-ordered today, which is helpful to our effort to make the NY Times Bestseller list.  If it calls to you, please take a moment to get your copy.

Tonight and every Tuesday night at 7pm PT/10pm ET join me live on The Recovery 2.0 Power Hour on  Tonight’s Guest is the amazing Ashley Turner, psychologist, yoga teacher and author.  I feel better just being in Ashley’s presence and you will too.  Just sign in and you will be in an interactive live video show with me.  It’s truly an amazing gathering where we usually have about 200 people from all over the world.  It’s tremendous fun and powerful and moving.

Hope to see you tonight.

Sending Love and Strength to you on your unique path,

Tommy Rosen

PS – Please join Rolf Gates, Nikki Myers, Tommy Rosen, Ashley Turner and Heidi Sormaz at Esalen for our annual West Coast Yoga, Meditation and Recovery Retreat.  October 12-17 in Big Sur, California at The Esalen Institute. 
Recovery 2.0 
Tommy Rosen Yoga


Recovery 2.0 
Tommy Rosen 


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