Rules of Engagement In Direct Action

Member groups of the New Brunswick Shale Gas Alliance (NBSGA) have published a code of conduct for engaging in direct action at shale gas sites with industry representatives and RCMP.  Reports are that, on the whole, this is how most member conducted themselves, even in the face of an army of RCMP outfitted with tear gas and semi-autonmatic weapons.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Kent South NO SHALE GAS Kent Sud will be at the New Brunswick Day events to be held at the Cocagne Arena on August 4 – 10am to 4pm.  We plan to have a table and display our banner in the vicinity of the Arena.  We will have signs for sale as well as literature for people who are interested.  We hope to inform visitors that the Cocagne River watershed – the life blood of our village – is in harms way as it is surrounded by leased lands.  We see this as an opportunity to kick off the upcoming September 22 elections.

We have borrowed the following Rules of Conduct that were displayed on the Moncton Anti-Fracking Facebook site:


Feel free to join us at our table or to display signs along Highway 535 and Highway 11.  Don’t be shy about approaching the media or political candidates.  Dress appropriately and act appropriately.
Hope to see you in Cocagne.  Please share this email with your family, friends and neighbours.
Richard Lachance & Eveline Haché

Kent South NO SHALE GAS Kent Sud

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