You can’t produce it.
You can’t achieve it.
You can’t add to it
or diminish it.

It is the nature of Reality.
Your reality.
It permeates all of existence.
Your existence.

You are always already enlightened.
It is no different than your ordinary mind.

“There is no difference between this moment
and enlightenment.”
(Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche)
whatever that is.

You can’t do or it undo it.
It just IS.

But you can accept or resist it.
And you can be aware of it.

“If you only knew how close you were to enlightenment.”
(Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche)

And you can PRACTICE it.
By realizing at every moment
that you are enlightened
that enlightenment is the essence
of everything around you.

The more you practice it,
the stronger the realization becomes.
Then you can RELAX with it.
And get on with being of benefit
to all beings.




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