The Tantra of Vimilasara

I am a Black African Queen with four arms and three eyes
with a thousand snakes that coil from the top of my crown chakra
my upper left hand holds the key to the shackles of slavery
my lower left hand holds the book of my testimony
my upper right hand holds a bell that signals my awakening
from the prison of self-hate
my lower right hand holds a cup of vinegar and blood
which I drink to slake the thirst for justice
from my single eye, cut like a crystal in my forehead
I see through the delusion of addiction
around my neck are the million skulls of black and indigenous people
who have been murdered by slavery, capitalism, greed and hate
I am clothed in the skin of the Great Tigress
‘Mysterious Queen’
who killed and ate a hundred men
My feet dance on the backs of blue-suited bankers
who financed the Middle Passage
and sold us into ghettos and prisons
surrounded by flames, they are roasted like pigs
prepared for the feast of the starving masses
Thou art Vimilasara, the Pure One,
I implore you, Black Queen of the Moon
free me from the shackles of delusion
and the bottomless pit of self-destruction
raise me up to sing a song of liberation
help me defeat the enemy, Exploitation.


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