Critical Dharma for Thinking Minds

Beyond Buddhism

Buddhism is a dead religion. That is, if you practice it as a religion. If you don’t practice it as a religion, but as a journey to explore the infinite … Continue reading

2016/08/12 · Leave a comment

Lou Reed & Laurie Anderson: Buddhist Power Couple

Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson are not only two of my favourite  musical artists, but my favourite Buddhist power couple. They were both students of Mingyur Rinpoche. Lou was an … Continue reading

2016/06/30 · 6 Comments

Post-Buddhism: Nikaya and Mahayana Contrasts in Dharma

All the study and reflection I have done in early Buddhism and the recent study I’ve done in the Mahayana broke through to a new level of understanding. What was the … Continue reading

2016/05/17 · Leave a comment

Post-Buddhism: Dharma as a Heuristic Device

Editor: The following post is an attempt to sketch out a post-modern use of the dharma that is not religious, or even “spiritual.”( It’s a rough sketch, so expect lots of … Continue reading

2016/05/17 · 1 Comment

Post-Buddhism: Hipster Buddhism?

Ok, let’s take on what might be considered a legitimate critique: isn’t Post-Buddhism (as I’ve described it so far) just “Hipster Buddhism”? Well folks, Hipsterism is a style, a fashion … Continue reading

2016/05/15 · 2 Comments

Post-Buddhism: Networked Dharma is Swarming

I should make it clear to my readers that I am a sociologist, not a philosopher or a Buddhologist. I don’t read or translate Pali or sanskrit. So I tend … Continue reading

2016/05/11 · 7 Comments

Post-Buddhism: The Adbusters Sutra

Post-Buddhism needs some new sutras to illuminate the experience of the dharma in the 21st century. When I want to awaken with a start to the truths of my sensory experience, … Continue reading

2016/05/11 · Leave a comment

Post-Buddhism: No Grand Narrative

One  non-Buddhist writer (I can’t remember who) described the Buddha as “a pre-modern post-modernist.” Buddha’s method of inquiry was one of relentless deconstruction. His teachings deconstruct experience, physical and mental phenomena, religious … Continue reading

2016/05/04 · 2 Comments

Post-Buddhism: No Religion

Buddhists teachers will often say that Buddhism is not a religion. But when you enter a temple or join a sangha, what you are confronted with is something that looks … Continue reading

2016/05/01 · 1 Comment


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