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Decarbonize Buddhism: Use Broadband Internet Instead of Flying

Proposal to Use Broadband Internet to Meet with Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche Instead of Air Travel Problem: Air travel is costly, financially and environmentally Current and prospective members of the sangha … Continue reading

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Noah Levine’s Engaged Buddhism

Noah Levine’s Engaged Buddhism: On Meeting War with Transformation; the war within and collective wars.

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Vow to Poetry

Your recently released Vow to Poetry includes essays and manifestos on poetics, Buddhism, and activism. In one of the articles, “Kali Yuga Poetics,” you proclaim: “Now more than ever the poem is … Continue reading

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‘Sangha Retreats’ for Rich People

From the pain come the dream From the dream come the vision From the vision come the people From the people come the power From this power come the change … Continue reading

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Mental Health and Globalization: An Alternative Theory on the Mental Health Crisis

By Josh Pendergrass  “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti I have a secret that I usually keep locked up … Continue reading

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Bring Back the Wandering Retreat

The best retreat I have gone on was not at a fancy, expensive retreat centre at an exotic location. It was the bicycle tour that I did by myself in … Continue reading

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Resistence is Resilience: Buddhist Responses to Climate Disruption

Please listen to this talk by Amalaketu: Introducing Eco-Dharma, on Soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/freebuddhistaudio/dharmabytes-podcast-405

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DPR’s Engaged Rebel Buddhism

“The Buddha himself was not just interested in ultimate truth and the liberation of individuals from their suffering. He thought deeply about the welfare of society, and his teachings reflect … Continue reading

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Equal, Open, Inclusive Communities

“According to the Buddha, we are all fundamentally equal, regardless of social standing, wealth, ethnicity, race, gender, or whom we love. The only basis of judgment is our actions. Therefore, … Continue reading

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In Support of Fast Food Workers Strike

December 04, 2014 Why I Support Fast Food Workers  The fast food strikes are about more than fair pay—they’re about recognizing the innate dignity of oneself and others. Sharon Salzberg  … Continue reading

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