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Althusser and the Ideology of Buddhism

Matthew over at Post-Traditional Buddhism is running a great series on Non-Buddhism, and Buddhism as ideology. https://posttraditionalbuddhism.com/2016/12/07/warming-up-with-non-buddhism/ [To Matthew ] I’m interested in following up on your invitation to explore … Continue reading

2016/12/10 · 5 Comments

Imperfect Buddha: Non-Buddhism Pt. 2

Matthew O’Connell goes deep with Glen Wallis exploring Non-Buddhism in this second interview: https://soundcloud.com/post-traditional-buddhism/93-imperfect-buddha-glenn-wallis-on-the-immanence-transcendence-divide “In this episode, writer, critic, Buddhist scholar and Philadelphia punk legend punk Glen Wallis returns to … Continue reading

2016/09/23 · 1 Comment

Imperfect Buddha Podcast: Non-Buddhism

https://soundcloud.com/post-traditional-buddhism/91-imperfect-buddha-podcast-meets-non-buddhism by Matthew O’Connell This episode tackles a complex but thoroughly important topic, namely non-Buddhism. A theoretical project/applied critique of Buddhism as ideology; as an unintentional prison. This work gets … Continue reading

2016/09/19 · 1 Comment


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