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WordPress and Ads

Dear Readers: You may find that when you read articles on this site, you are bombarded with ‘gross ads’, pop-up ads and ads that seem to be inserted into the articles. (I know because I’m getting this too.) This is not caused by the WordPress site. WordPress screens out pop-ups and malware within its own system. The ads are coming from predatory ad companies that insert tracking bugs into your Browser, and then spam you with gross ads and pop-ups.

If this happens to you, go to your Browser’s cache and find the list of site trackers. (In Safari, it’s Preferences/Privacy/Cookies and website data:/ click on “Manage Website Data” and you get a list of tracking software). Remove (delete) any items whose site name you do not recognize. Leave the site names that you do recognize that you want to keep.

You can also clear the cache entirely, which is quick and easy, but may make it harder to log into to sites that you frequently visit. (I already tried this and it doesn’t work; the spam cookies come back anyway).

You can also avoid provoking the ads by NOT clicking the ‘Privacy & Cookies’ policy at the bottom of the page. DO NOT CLICK “Close and accept”.


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