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Meme: #Pandemic is Portal

Pandemic is Portal…we are so deep into a global crisis that we can’t even see the edges of it, we don’t even know what it looks like from where we stand, or where we are going with it. Although we have some idea of the world that is being deconstructed in its wake, we don’t know what kind of world is emerging in its aftermath. That uncertainty is the signal that we are in the middle of a state of systemic chaos, where the outcomes are unknown and unpredictable. The future is unknowable, and will continue to be unknowable for some years into this decade. We don’t know the beneficial and detrimental outcomes of this Pandemic, but for sure, there will be plenty of both. This is not a portal to a utopia, to a better world (or a worse world), but to a whole different world that we cannot anticipate as yet.

There is one clue I can offer: the acceleration of crises, the sense that multiple socio-ecological crises are speeding up and amplifying each other, is the SIGN OF IMMANENT COLLAPSE.

But with the speed up of collapse of the global civilization comes the speed up and amplification of awakening.

We are being forced to adapt and evolve, at a biological level and collective level, out of which a whole new civilization will emerge.

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