Critical Dharma for Thinking Minds

Regeneration: Food Climate & Economic Justice

Editor: As Vanadana Shiva taught us in Soil, Not Oil, Carbon is the problem, but it is also the solution. Industrial agriculture has destroyed our soils and released excess carbon into the atmosphere.  If we sequester carbon back into the soil with ecologically responsible agriculture, we can actually draw down excess carbon from the atmosphere and use it to produce more food, forests, good health and economic justice for the most vulnerable, which is frankly, all of us. 8053614949_982fecf12d_k

Sign the Pact for the Earth – Terra Viva, Earth Democracy

Humanity stands at the edge of an abyss. We have destroyed the planet, it’s biodiversity, water and the climate, and through this destruction, the ecological context for our survival as a species. Ecological destruction and resource grab are generating conflicts, which are being accelerated into full blown wars and violence. A context of fear and hate is overtaking the human imagination. We need to sow the seeds of peace -peace with the earth and each other, and in so doing, create hope for our future – as one humanity and as part of one Earth community.

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